No great stories were ever written with borrowed ink.

Since 2013, we’ve been handcrafting custom pens and other products using exotic, historical, & uncommon materials.

Whether it’s Buffalo Horn from South Africa, Olive Wood from Bethlehem, or a custom acrylic. Every item tells a story.


  • We love our custom engraved pens. What a great gift that I use every day. Much better than the typical trinkets.
  • We commissioned the talented Zach Fritz of Oak & Iron to create a limited run of Ironroot pens using the wood from our old bourbon barrels. Collaborating with Zach was such a delight.
  • Oak & Iron pens make unique gifts for our associates and customers. Zach and team are great to work with and deliver excellent craftsmanship.
  • Kirstie - Hertz
  • Ironroot Republic Distillery
  • Troy B.

Handmade in Texas

Every item is made in the USA. It's not the cheapest way to manufacture, but it allows us to ensure that when you see "Oak & Iron" on a product, it will fully represent the quality that we are known for.

We take pride in helping to grow our economy, hire local talent, and provide mentorships to youth who have an interest in skilled trade.

Inspired Innovation

Original design has been our focus from day one. Sure anyone can scroll through a feed or online store and knock off someone else's design for a few dollars less, but in the end it only hurts the entire artisian community.

At Oak & Iron our approach is simple, to provide innovative and inspired designs at a price that allows our customers to experience true value.