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The Birth of a Brand:

Zach Fritz- CEO & Founder of Oak & Iron, started woodturning in 2012 and quickly started selling his work nationwide. We quickly found success in fine art galleries, and with celebrity clientele, we needed a name that would always reflect the company's roots. Thus Oak & Iron was born.

The Oak Tree Farm:

Founded in the 1980's SEF Oak Tree Farm played an instrumental role in instilling old-school values and work ethic into our founder. Learning from his Grandfather, Zach developed a deep appreciation for skilled labor and creating something from nothing. Incorporating this into the first part of our name is a daily reminder of our values and provides the solid roots that Oak & Iron stands on.

Rusty Iron Hand Tools:

Phrases like "They don't make them like they used to...", rang true very early in the beginning of Oak & Iron. Starting off with old Iron hand tools, allowed us to find a deeper appriciation for the way things used to be made. We chose Iron to represent the second half of our brand becasue just like the old tools we started with we want everything with our name on it to last for generations to come.

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Uniquely YOU:

The first thing you are given in the world is a name, why not write with something that reflects who you are?

Do Pens Really Matter?

Many people invest a lot of time and money into finding the
perfect luxury watch but often overlook the importance of a quality writing instrument. Here are five reasons you should care as much about the pen you carry and use daily as you do about your luxury watch.

A good pen is a long-term investment. A luxury pen, like a luxury watch, is an investment that can last for years or even a lifetime. A high-quality pen can be passed down from generation to generation with proper care and maintenance.


More than just a pen:

Proudly made in McKinney, Texas, we have had the privilege to serve people from all over the country, allowing us to master our craft and develop a community around our products. We aren't like the other guys who source from overseas and put their logo on a product; this allows us to keep things consistent and quality at its highest.

Our Promise:

Oak & Iron is committed to quality, and from the moment you pick up one of our pens, you will feel the pride and passion we have for our craft.

Our Mission:

To provide our customers with unique handmade items with pride and passion for the art of woodworking. Thank you for visiting our family-owned business.

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