Cirrus Glencairn Smoker

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 -Includes free 2oz tin of Oak smoking chips-

Milled from solid wood and featuring a bespoke design, the Cirrus is built to last. Named after the smaller Cirrus cloud and built on the same platform as our Nimbus Cocktail Smoker, the Cirrus will take your favorite spirit or cocktail to the next level. Our design focuses not only on the professional mixologist but also the home user looking to create. You will have total control over the amount of smoke in your drink, along with how you smoke it. How you choose to add your smoke is what sets the Cirrus apart, fitting glencairn, wee glencairn, most nosing/tasting glasses, and even the neck of a bottle or decanter the possibilities are endless. You can begin crafting in seconds with the easy setup, and cleanup couldn't be any easier making the Cirrus an essential part of your bar kit.


-Easy to clean smoking screen.

-Fits a variety of glasses including glencairn, wee glencairn, tasting/nosing glasses, and most bottles.

-Durable 3/4" base for maximum durability. 

-Portable Size for a smoked cocktail experience on the go.



  • Pour or assemble your craft cocktail.
  • Place the Cirrus on top of your vessel of choice.
  • Place a small amount of Oak & Iron Premium Smoking Chips into the smoking tray.
  • Lightly toast the smoking chips with a butane torch, lighter, or match. (Adding flavor is an experiment just like mixology so enjoy the process and control the Cirrus gives you over the balance of your drink. Start light and build up to the flavor you are seeking)
  • Allow a resting period for a richer flavor or remove your Cirrus right away for a lighter more subtle smoke.
  • Dispose of your ash and tap/brush out or rinse your filter.
  • Enjoy your own handcrafted cocktail or modified spirit and start thinking about your next creation!




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