ALTR Tablet

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Acoustic Learning, Teaching, and Reading 

Too often in our busy lives, prayer and study are reserved for a church setting. With the ALTR Tablet, you will have a dedicated physical and visual reminder to commit more time to your faith.  

Handmade from solid Texas Red Oak, the ALTR Tablet is a daily visual reminder and a passive amplifier for your phone. We realized that while audible scripture and books are a fantastic way to learn, you can quickly grow tired of the lackluster audio produced by most cell phone speakers. With the passive amplifier design, you can listen comfortably for hours and truly focus on what is important without worrying about headphones or damaging your device. The ALTR Tablet accepts most 1.5" Tealights (Candle or LED), and the customizable message tray is perfect for holding the things important to you. The ALTR Tablet is portable, so just as your faith is always with you, so is the ALTR. 

Each ALTR Tablet purchased not only helps spread the word and lead people across the world to faith, but proceeds go to support Oak & Iron's mission to lead people to faith and our craft in woodworking and carpentry. Our goal is to establish a Worship and Woodworking program by the end of 2023, and by sharing the ALTR Tablet with your friends, family, and fellowship, you can help us make that happen!