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Our Story

Our Story
The first thing you are given in this world is a name. Throughout our lives it is one of the few things we write down with pen and paper. Those few and far between moments are the most important. Signing your job application, marriage license, closing on your dream house, all these moments are life changing.
    For centuries, people took pride in their writing utensils. From the first metal pens of the Romans to the quill and ink of the English, nowadays all you see is boring plastic pens stamped out in a factory, made for a few cents and sold in packs of ten for $5. Oak and Iron want to change that for you. We want you to experience the feeling of having a pen that carries memories, starts conversations, and has a true story. Your story.
    That is why we are committed to handmaking our pens using the highest quality materials at an affordable price. Since 2013 we have built a business from the ground up with the mission of making our customers feel a true sense of pride in not only their pen, but the name that they use it to write. Our mechanical components will easily match or surpass pens being sold by mainstream, luxury brands for hundreds of dollars more. Our wood, antler, and acrylic is sourced locally and hand turned, so only the best gets into our customers hands.
               Thank you for reading about us, now let our legacy write yours!